Friday, May 30, 2008


It's been a while since I've properly showcased the wonderful art of instrumental music, hasn't it? In the meantime, I've listened more to old favourites, and picked up a couple new ones as well. Let's get to it!


1. Bear McCreary - Passacaglia (from Battlestar Galactica)

An epic beginning that always stops me in my tracks when I hear it; absolutely gorgeous. Rolling, beautiful and classy.

2. Christophe Beck - Accused (from Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

From season 2's "Ted" episode. (I can't say I remember the song being used in that particular episode, because A - it was years ago, and B - "Ted" was, while not bad, a rather forgettable episode. This bit of score's quite nice, though, with the sad piano beginning leading into some rather foreboding creepy stuff.

3. John Powell - The Bedroom (from Mr. and Mrs. Smith)

A beautiful, strings-based tribute to the title characters intimately titled "The Bedroom", I believe this played over either their first morning together after meeting, or their reconciliation after their massive confrontation in the kitchen. It's short, but it always gives me a smile and maks me a bit nostalgic for the movie.

4. Daniel Licht - End Credit (from Dexter)
5. Daniel Licht - Wink (from Dexter)

My two favourites from Daniel Licht's fantastic soundtrack for Dexter season one, both quite short but enough to make a great impression. "Wink", with its piano and choral sighing, is very nice, and it can be recognised from many background scenes. Meanwhile, "End Credits" is a haunting, creepy little piece that slides down your spine. Sounds like ghosts attempting to sing.

6. Streams of Europe - From the Top of the Mountain to the Bottom of the Sea

Created by an independent video game developer for a game, this piece of instrumental beauty stands extremely well, as do the rest of Streams of Europe's scored pieces. This beautiful, dreamy song was found on thesixtyone. An amazing song to fall asleep to - fills up my head like anaesthetic, knocks me out instantly.


7. Rockabye Baby! - In My Place (Coldplay cover)

I've mentioned Rockabye Baby! before, those of the lullaby-style covers. I'd have to say that "In My Place" works best of those I've heard, being a gentle lullaby that recalls, but does not wholly depend on, the original. A sweet, chimey cover, even if not particularly enthralling.

8. Need More Sources - Sun

An extremely pretty piece from Need More Sources' weather-themed debut album Shed, which trickles through things like sun, "Breeze", "Storm" and the like. This is a nice warm piece, filled with gentle echoes and faraway sounds. Very pretty, and builds nicely as it goes.

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Andrew said...

The Battlestar music is absolutely fantastic.

Anonymous said...

check out this talented kid do an acoustic cover of with or without you. its great.

maliworld said...

I agree, Love that Coldplay track, in a strange sort of way.
If you're a parent and want to check out kids' music that won't make you crazy, I can highly recommend Name Your Tune -

Streams of Europe said...

Hello there. Many thanks for spreading the word about my music, I'm very glad you enjoyed it this much.

Anonymous said...

any chance you could re-upload the dexter end credit?
i love that show and the score even more.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the download. Did you read this article?