Monday, May 12, 2008


Geez, I have neglected you guys, huh? Here's some stuff I've been enjoying lately...

1. Conjure One - Tears From the Moon (with Sinead O'Connor on vocals)
2. Conjure One - Centre of the Sun (with Poe on vocals)
3. Conjure One - Make a Wish (with Poe on vocals)

Recently grabbed these off of Amie St., as they gave me a free $2.00 this past week. Love both these vocalists, and I have been craving more Poe since finding out about her Conjure One guest spots. These are the standouts of the ones I grabbed. The last is one I've had for a while, the one that prompted the Amie St. purchases.

4. Drawing Down the Sun - Porcelain Girl
5. Drawing Down the Sun - Unravel

There's something mysterious and intriguing about this band, another Amie purchase formerly unfamiliar to me. It's hard to explain, really, but it's very pretty, and seems to be a bit trip-hop/electronic gothic rock with a wonderful female vocalist. Will be looking into them further, because I can see a future for them.

6. Fleet Foxes - White Winter Hymnal

This beautiful, folky, harmonic song is addictive. From that gorgeous building opening all through the track, it does feel winteresque, like a troupe singing as they walk through a wintery forest. There's a fantastic beat under the soaring harmonics, keeping it clip along at a nice pace. The lyrics are very curious, including the phrase, 'turning the white snow red as strawberries in summertime'.

7. Sia - Playground

The next of Sia's album Some People Have Real Problems to click with me, this is a playful little piece recalling childhood and the wish for that simplicity. Ironically, though it's meant to deal with childish themes, it's one of Sia's sexier-sounding songs (probably intentional, there). It's just so damn charming.

8. Islands - Pieces of You

The bizarre stylings of Islands have been drawing me in as of late, and this is a great sample of that, from their new album, Arm's Way. There's an amazing energy to their music, with the music and the vocals working together to pull you toward the sky. Also, I can never listen to this song without bopping along to the beat.

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Jon-Michael said...

I love these songs! I had no idea Poe was the vocalist. Now that I know that, it's very obvious to me. The Junkie XL remix of Center of the Sun is simply amazing; every bit as good if not better than the original in my opinion.

The Alden said...

Hi, Jon-Michael! I was quite excited to find them, 'cause I've had Make a Wish for forever and a friend told me she did some stuff for Conjure One.

Do you know where I might be able to get my hands on that remix? It sounds good!