Saturday, May 24, 2008


Courtesy of the fantastic Zeon, I've gotten my hands on the new single from tBoS favourite Natalie Walker, whose lush and gorgeous song "Circles" placed #5 on my Top 100 Tracks of 2007 list.

So, what about "Over and Under? It's not exactly "Circles" (because, really, what is?), but it's a pretty good song in its own right. Walker ditches the piano for a more techno, lost-in-the-mists sound. I'd say that's the song's biggest mistake because Walker's voice is great, and the strength is pretty diluted here.

However, when the chorus kicks in, and she's singing with a hint of a male backup singer as her voice echoes out, the song hits a high point sound-wise. She emotes well during the song, bringing out the annoyance and frustration (though the production does its best to cover over this with annoying techno-y beats). The song itself is nice, neither amazing or disappointing, but a little middle-of-the-road considering what I've heard from her in the past. I'm betting it'll grow on me.

However, I'll let you judge for yourself!

Natalie Walker - Over and Under (Original Version)

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Chico said...

This Song Rockss

Do you know Where i can find The version of morgan page
Is a remix....of this song....very good
If you find....pleaseee talk to me
Email me