Sunday, May 4, 2008


Another roulette! Sorry the posts haven't been too in-depth as of late, but I'll be distracted for about another month. Until then, though, I'll try to keep posting good music!

1. The New Amsterdams - Turn Out the Light

A quietly affecting song from new (to me) band The New Amsterdams, who combine a hint of a country aesthetic to more low-key, indie singer-songwriter fare. This song relies on the textured voice of the vocalist and the subtleties of the music behind it.

2. The Perishers and Sarah McLachlan - Pills (live)

One of my favourite female singers joins The Perishers on my favourite of their songs, from McLachlan's newest B-Sides compilation. She's got some real gems on this new one, including an old favourite, her musical rendition of "The Prayer of St. Francis".

3. Throw Me the Statue - Moonbeams

Backed by a mournful horn and funeral beat, this low-key song from Throw Me the Statue is a recent discovery that works quite nicely. It stays grounded by the darker beats and the straightforward vocals, whose singer sounds like a dozen indie singers and yet has a tone very much of his own. That man is Scott Reitherman, who it turns out is responsible for all the instrumentation as well; quite surprising, and definitely impressive.

4. Daughter Darling - Dust in the Wind (Kansas cover)

This song should be familiar to about everybody, as the original Kansas song is very well-known. In fact, devout readers of this blog should find more than the song familiar, but the vocalist - Daughter Darling is, in fact, the former band of tBoS favourite Natalie Walker. The group split mid-second album, and the pieces became Nat's debut, Urban Angel. One of my favourite covers, I must say, with the trip hop element alongside the gorgeous strings and Walker's amazing voice.

Small but excellent group for this one, I'd say. Give them all a listen!

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songbird said...

Hi Alden! I'm a new reader - great blog! Would you consider reposting the Imogen Heap song from the Heroes soundtrack? The link has expired, and I can't find it anywhere else. Thanks in advance!