Sunday, May 25, 2008


"There's a man so bright he blocks the light, and he'll always be so; and he's like no sleep on the weekend."

I've been watching Ms. Hannigan since her split with better-known partner Damien Rice, and I'd be lying if I told you her solo debut wasn't up there on my list of most anticipated releases of the soon future (there with the new albums from Andrew Bird, Amanda Palmer and My Latest Novel).

Her demos, revealed on her MySpace, have been very nice, and the standout is the fantastic 'Sea Song'. A low, beautiful song that wonderfully showcases Hannigan's voice (often a high point of Rice's albums). Just listening to it, you feel like you're standing on the seashore at midnight, feeling the night winds and the water on your feet and listening to the wind sing. Next second, you're at the bottom of the sea itself.

Also, the writing here is of a much higher calibre than many others; it's very subtle. Hannigan takes the same structure of each set of metaphors, but the exact phrases are very different - for example, describing someone as 'a smile on a Monday' against 'no sleep on the weekend'. A sign of hope and kindness in a bad day, versus a feeling of sleeplessness and elation, while both using 'Days of the Week' metaphors. Excellent stuff.

This version is only a demo, but I'm hoping Hannigan doesn't do too much to it. It's brilliant as it is.

Lisa Hannigan - Sea Song (demo)

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readerfromchina said...

would you mind let me know where i can find the lyric of "sea song"?
many thanks

giantskittle said...

oh no, there's no more file to download! I've been looking and looking to download the demo version of Sea Song (I think it's much better than the album version) but it's not on amazon or itunes =( Any ideas?