Monday, May 26, 2008


Occasionally, two songs will focus on similar stories despite being individually fantastic. It's almost as if two artists tapped into the same vein of creativity to different, just-as-great, ends.

Congratulations, it's twins!

Don't you mess with a little girl's dream, 'cause she's liable to grow up mean.

Well you may be king for the moment, but I am a queen, understand? And I've got your pawns and your bishops and castles all inside the palm of my hand.

While you were licking your lips 'cause I was miserable, while you were selling your soul, while you were tearing a hole in me... I was taking control.


Turn your ugly face; oh you're so surprised to see me. Yeah I was your little childhood playground toy. And if I remember.... yeah if I do remember rightly, I said the tables will be turned around, boy.

Who's getting scared now? Tell me, how does it feel? It feels so good from where I'm standing...

So you're gonna stab me down now boy? Now you're gonna crush me down now boy? Well, somehow I don't think so.

Sound similar? Indeed, both of these songs deal with a woman, having formerly been attacked by a man, returning the favour tenfold and loving it. Both of these paeans to vengeance are vicious and empowering, and some of the more intense stuff from both artists. The first three lyric samples are from Poe's "Control", and the latter three from Imogen Heap's "Getting Scared".

Both songs are utterly delicious, and I'm proud to share them with you.

Poe - Control (from Haunted)

Imogen Heap - Getting Scared (from I Megaphone)

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