Tuesday, July 15, 2008


"Hang around for me..."

Somehow, this guy has remained a great secret. Perhaps only from me, but considering the little love he's gotten according to Hype Machine, I'm thinking I'm not alone in considering Gregory Douglass a genuine discovery. He's released six albums, but I stumbled upon him in his beautiful cover of Imogen Heap's underrated tune "Come Here Boy". Where the original sometimes felt overproduced, Douglass does an amazing job giving it a sexual charge while heaping delicate synth layers on it. "Boy" is just the beginning however. All six of his songs I've gotten my hands on have been impeccably recorded and produced pieces of clean sounding music.

Gregory Douglass - Come Here Boy (Imogen Heap cover)
Gregory Douglass - Hang Around (Up & Away, 2006)

And remember, search for more at The Hype Machine; purchase albums or mp3's at Amazon, Amazon Canada, Amie St., cdbaby, or Insound.


Kelly said...

His voice is absolutely heavenly, thanks for sharing! :)

Kara said...

Covering Imogen is not an easy thing to do, and it was done well!

Hey B-Bot, do you have anything by Patrick Watson?

The Alden said...

(Indeed, I remembered our conversation about Imogen heap covers when listening to it.)

Plenty, I just never listen to them. Why?

Kara said...

Because I would like to listen to plenty of them.