Wednesday, July 9, 2008


"Why search for greatness in such tiny worlds of squared pixels?"

Pronounced plah-gee-ah, this excellent Montreal-based is a new discovery. Their debut seems to be garnering quite a bit of critical praise, and from what I've heard, they deserve it. Plajia is an enchanting trip-rock group composed of Patrick Pleau (lead vocals, guitars, keyboards and harmonica), Simon Boivin (bass and backing vocals) and Pascal Laviolette (drums, percussion and backing vocals). The songs are a flurry of layers, some beautiful, some rocking, some sharp, some soft. A barrage of sound creeping up and down your back. They bounce between styles - while "The Other Side of the Squared Pixels" makes you want to close your eyes and listen to the layers, "Dummy" alternately creeps you and makes you smile, "Beautiful Explosion" aims to make you dance in your seat and "Is That The End?" wants you to cry. However, they do it effectively enough to impress me.

Their lyrics are nothing to write home about, with "Pixels" rushing through a disjointed message about gamers being cut off from the rest of the world and "End"'s lyrics being nothing an emo somewhere hasn't cut into their arm. However, the words are just window dressing, as the music here is the real draw.

Give them a listen:

Plajia - The Other Side of the Squared Pixels

Plajia - Dummy

Both from recently-released debut, "Beautiful Explosion".

BUY: A myriad of links from their website.

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