Monday, July 28, 2008


"Did my heart break enough this time?"

Another roulette, as I've been so very negligent...

1. Lack Thereof - Ask Permission
Album: Your Anchor (2008)

From an album I recently acquired, an interesting whispery song from Menomena band member Danny Seim. A great listen, very well crafted, even though Seim constantly reminds me of Pelle Carlberg if he'd been more influenced by, say, Menomena than his current lighter and more anecdotal style. An album review hopefully forthcoming.

2. Yael Naim - New Soul
Album: Yael Naim (2008)

A song making the rounds recently, I came across the cover by Tristan Prettyman before hearing the original. Both are wonderful. The original is so damn charming, with the sparse vocals-and-piano beginning breaking out into a warm cacophany of echoing voices. It's such a beautiful naiveté.

3. Rilo Kiley - Breakin' Up (Hot Chip Remix)
Album: Breakin' Up EP (2008)

Shamelessly stolen from Zeon, who posted it less than a month ago, nonetheless anything that gives this rather inspired remix more notice is worth it. Taking the dancing feel of the original and extending it into this lush, introspective and dazzling version is great. May not listen to it much, but I enjoy it very much when I do.

4. Black Kids - I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance With You
Album: Partie Traumatic (2008)

Coming late to the party here, I'm sure. This song first came across my virtual desk as a cover version by a female singer, and it took me a while to look into getting the original. I love the sounding of this song, with the group singing, the great beat, and the vocals dripping with the frustration of unnoticed longing. This song is just plain fun.

5. Forest City Lovers - Pirates (Can't All Sail the Indian Ocean)
Album: Haunting Moon Sinking (2008)

I love this band, who are sadly underappreciated even on my own iPod. Beautiful, forceful, with piano and strings drawing you into a paranoid feel. By the time the ghostly choir begins in the background, your eyes are closed and you're just soaking it in. Truly wonderful piece of music, with a cute title to boot.

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Nick said...

Man, I'm digging Lackthereof, excellent radio show material. I also pleasantly liked Yael Naim, reminded me a lot of She & Him.

Nick said...

Oops, accidently bumped ENTER and forgot my url