Friday, July 4, 2008


I received a very interesting email today, directing me to BuffetLibre, a Spanish website (don't worry, all text is in English) promoting electronic and pop music via legal mp3s. They've put together a very impressive project, that being Project Rewind - getting 58 artists and producers (quite a few of them recognisable names including Bringer of Song favourites Dragonette and Cloetta Paris) to participate by covering or remixing 58 songs from the 80's. Not only are there, well, 58 of them, but they're very diverse - artists hailing from USA, Canada, Switzerland, Portugal, Sweden, Australia, Germany, Denmark, Brazil...

If only for succeeding in this endeavour I'd be impressed, but there's another fantastic bit - a little Q&A with each artist answering why they chose the song, who they'd like to cover to tribute the 00's in 20 years, and who they'd like to see cover one of their songs. Not only is it interesting, but reading through them assures me that even the ones I'm not familiar with have pretty good taste.

Cloetta Paris - Cry Just a Little Bit (Shakin Stevens cover)
Dragonette - Sharp Dressed Man (ZZ Top cover)
PYT - Summer of '69 (Bryan Adams cover)

Check out a sample of the extensive project above, with Cloetta Paris' charming inclusion and Dragonette's dangerous offering, plus, a cover any Canadian should recognonise by PYT, though reinvented as the beautiful, ethereal version available here. Enjoy, and check out the full set at BuffetLibre!


Kara said...

Wicked awesome.

Buffetlibre said...


we are moving to a new server.

you can enter Rewind here:

very thanks!