Thursday, July 17, 2008


"Whatever it takes, don't let them break you down."

Tracy Shedd is being promoted as a Liz Phair slash Bettie Serveert type singer, and I have to say I agree. I'd moreso say that she's trying to be both, right now, and failing to properly emulate either or find a particular style that works for her. Her lyrics aren't particularly imaginative, sadly, and too often she allows herself to be buried under her music. Her voice, potentially the best part of her music, doesn't get any chance to shine.

However, despite this, if she'd just take charge of her own songs instead of being too quiet and too safe, there's a good artist under there. I'm hoping Cigarettes and Smoke Machines, her newest album TBR September 23, gives her the chance to do so. On "Not Giving Up", despite being pushed as similar to the artists above, she actually shares more with Laura Viers sound-wise, which is actually heartening. Maybe by scaling down the too-much electric guitars, she can find a way to use that to make some good music. Luckily, as her best tracks are from Cigarettes, I have hope for her.

Tracy Shedd - Not Giving Up
Tracy Shedd - Whatever It Takes

Also, her entire previous album, Louder Than You Can Hear, can be downloaded for free at her Myspace.

What do you guys think?

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