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(The reason posts have been sparse this past month or so is because of internet issues, not with any flagging interest in blogging, so tBoS will be around, hopefully, for a long and healthy future. In fact, I've spent a (probably literally) crazy amount of listening to tracks to prep for my annual Best 100 Tracks list. And this...)

A year ago this November, this blog came into existence. I posted 'The Debut of Alden', tBoS' very first post. Some of you found it early in its life, and many of you did so after Hype picked us up. Heck, I'm betting one or two of you reading right now have never seen this blog before. A year is a pretty big milestone, and we're gonna celebrate in style.

On November 15, 2007, tBoS came into existence.

On November 15, 2008, three tBoS readers will become very happy.

Now, I announce the The Bringer of Song Happy Birthday Contest!

As a music blogger, this past year I have had contact with some amazing artists who don't get half the attention they deserve. Three such artists have agreed to help me out with our little birthday shindig. First off, what is this contest?

It's simple. Answer one question via email (to our brand spanking new email,, and the three best answers, chosen by yours truly, will receive one of the prize packs we have available. The question?

What is your favourite musical discovery you found on The Bringer of Song, and why do you like it so much? It can be an artist, an album, a song, a remix, whatever you can convince me is a 'musical discovery'!


What is the best musical discovery you've made this year? What makes it so special?

Those who gave the three best answers will be responded to with a request for a shipping address, where we will send their prize. What prizes are up to be won?


A copy of Helen Lawson's Crossing the Bridge EP!

SAMPLE TRACK: Helen Lawson - Something in the Wine

This British artist is one of my own favourite discoveries this year. When I was first offered the EP, I was hesitant - until I heard her song "Something in the Wine", which frankly blew me away. There was just something so fresh and beautiful about it, so unexpectedly, that it quickly ended up on heavy rotation. The rest of the EP is just as enjoyable, especially "Slipping".


A copy of Helen Lawson's Crossing the Bridge EP, as well as a copy of Plajia's Beautiful Explosion album!

SAMPLE TRACK: Plajia - Beautiful Explosion

Plajia are a Montreal-based band I showcased back in July, working magic with what can only be termed 'trip rock'. Their music swings through a variety of styles, with bizarre yet intriguing lyrics. But I hate to repeat myself, so check out what I originally said about them at their Showcase.


A copy of Helen Lawson's Crossing the Bridge EP, a copy of Plajia's Beautiful Explosion album, and a copy of Muke's stunning debut, Shutterspeed Lullabies!

SAMPLE TRACK: Muke - Swingsets

When I first heard Oregon-based band Muke, I couldn't stop smiling. Their music is just so fuzzy and warm, so utterly loveable, that I was blown away. I reviewed their album back in August, and I'm still very happy to say that they've got great things coming to them if they keep working at it. They nail the feeling of fuzzy reminiscence in "Swingsets", and ramp up the charm to the max in the simple-but-ridiculously-cute "The Hamburger Waltz".

Included with each prize will be a typed response to the individual winner's email, written by me, just for them. I'd hand write it, but I'd prefer if you guys could read it... I don't know how long it will be, but you'll have first-hand proof that I am genuinely thankful for you guys.

I'll be accepting submissions until November 14th, 2008, and the contest ends at 12:00 midnight. That's Eastern Time, US and Canada for you international readers. The winners will be announced here on November 15, 2008 and shipped shortly thereafter.

Anyhow, no matter who wins, I just want to thank all of tBoS's readers, whether regular readers, first-timers, and anyone in between. I'd also like to thank Helen Lawson, Maddie Liebowitz, Luke Kuzava and the members of Plajia for their help in putting this thing together, and all the other artists, managers, promoters etc. who send me more music than I could ever listen to!

Ready, set, go!

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