Monday, August 18, 2008


"Show me the way down to Barnacle Bay...."

Artist: Muke
Album: Shutterspeed Lullabies [TBR September 2008]


1. Dreamsicle
2. Sirens
3. Clockwork
4. Electric Skyline
5. Swingsets
6. Sunflower Circus
7. Barnacle Bay
8. Forest Chant
9. The Hamburger Waltz
10. Hanglider

Muke is a charming two-person outfit from Eugene, Oregon. Made up of college students Madeline Liebowitz and Luke Kuzava, they create airy, beautiful pop music. "Shutterspeed Lullabies" is a fantastic name for the albnm, and the second word especially fitting. Their lyrics are fluffy and happy, and their music is like a warm bath. You can just sit there floating in it, smiling. My favourite off the record is "Swingsets", a sweet little song that just makes me inexplicably happy.

Also winners are their "Clockwork" and cheeky "The Hamburger Waltz", the latter of which pokes fun at every advertising cliche known to man. My only regret is the lyric "If you don't like hamburgers you're a communist!", only because it would have been a braver and more current statement on fear-mongering to replace 'communist' with current media favourite 'terrorist' (and look, it fits perfectly in there, too!). Though, I guess 'communist' is more possessions-based, so I'll let it slide. Anyhow, the song points out exactly how manipulative advertising and media are, which makes me very happy nonetheless.

And hey, indie purists! These guys are about as indie as you can get! Get their music before they sell out, eh?

Muke - Swingsets
Muke - The Hamburger Waltz

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