Tuesday, October 28, 2008


"Who'd have known, who'd have known, that when you flash up on my phone I'd no longer feel alone?"

A quick roulette this time...

Lily Allen - Who'd Have Known (MySpace Release, 2008)

Aaron Thomas - Far From Home (Follow the Elephants, 2008)

Plajia - Beautiful Explosion (Beautiful Explosion, 2008)

Gregory and the Hawk - Doubtful (Moenie and Kitchie, 2008)

Micah P. Hinson - Yard of Blonde Girls (Dream Brother, 2008)

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Jon Wolf said...

Isn't Yard of Blonde Girls a Chris Mills cover?

The Alden said...

Nope, sorry. See:


Unless Wikipedia is wrong, which is certainly possible. I haven't heard otherwise though.

Jon Wolf said...

Buckley! That was it, knew I had heard the song before, and I now realize I was thinking of Mills' 1000 Blue Eyed Girls for whatever reason, thanks.