Thursday, October 2, 2008


"Make your peace and stop haunting me..."

I know 2008 is getting older, and in a few months will be on its way out, but the magic of music is that it keeps coming out no matter what! I thought I'd solidified my Best 100 Tracks list for this year, but a couple new acquisitions are threatening to take spots...

Travis - Broken Mirror (Ode to J. Smith, 2008)

Yes, Ode to J. Smith is Travis' second album in two years, and seems to continue the high quality of last year's The Boy With No Name. "Broken Mirror" is a bit darker than their usual output, with quiet, forceful guitar supporting Fran Healy's quiet, almost paranoid vocals. Very nice offering, one that bodes well for the rest of the album.

Belle's Wake - Penelope (The Riot Sessions, 2008)

One of my favourite lesser-known bands, Belle's Wake are beginning to record new music, including this gorgeous piano-led piece. It's quite different to their previous releases, but there's still that inherent darkness and sadness that fueled their previous work, mixed with a little bit of hope and wonder. This band deserves more notice than they're getting, and I honestly think that soon, they're gonna be getting it. Wait and see.

Hello Saferide - 2008 (More Modern Short Stories From Hello Saferide, 2008)

One of my favourite artists from years past is back with a new album, and this one's quite subdued compared to Introducing..., but just as promising. I'm enjoying it so far, though without an iPod I haven't been able to listen to it half as much as I'd like. This song's got a nice, hopeful feeling to it that makes me smile.

Ben Folds - Free Coffee (Way to Normal, 2008)

This song has a dream-like quality, but never leaves the realm of Ben Folds' typical cynicism, as he talks about going off and becoming rich, and how he feels about his life. There's a great, bleepy electronic style here that I don't believe Folds has tackled before, and it' s quite interesting to listen to.

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