Thursday, February 14, 2008


"I will dive into my sleep and dream of the pretty buildings..."

Last post I mentioned a great song from People in Planes called "If You Talk Too Much (My Head Will Explode)". It was the standout track from their debut album (at least under the People moniker, having previously been Tetra Splendour), entitled As Far As the Eye Can See, which was generally quite good. The band are now prepping their sophomore LP, which I've heard is titled Beyond the Horizon, and a new song is making the rounds.

It's called "Pretty Buildings", and after "Talk" its my favourite of their discography so far. It's got a great, soaring sound to it that I just love. It's being offered to everyone who signs up for their newsletter. I'm betting, though, that you guys'll wanna be impressed by the song first, and then you'll wanna check out the newsletter for info on the upcoming album. Am I right?

TRACK: People in Planes - "Pretty Buildings" (Sendspace)

And if you're interested in that newsletter, check it out here. Buy their stuff here or here.

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