Friday, February 1, 2008


"Isn't it time you got over how fragile you are?"

Anna Nalick, whose song Breathe (2 AM) was showcased in a pivotal scene of the Grey's Anatomy 'Superbowl' episode back in season 2, which featured a Code Black bomb scare. The song was beautiful and I immediately sought out Nalick's debut album, Wreck of the Day. Since, she's stopped being a big influence on my musical life, but I'm hoping for a great new album to remind me why I love her.

She's just previewed a new single for her upcoming album, which I've heard will be called Acceptance. It's a nice pop song, much in the vein of her other songs, even if it doesn't have the epic feeling of Breathe (2 AM) or the quiet wonder of Forever Love (Digame). Give it a shot, even if you never liked Grey's Anatomy

DOWNLOAD: Anna Nalick - "Shine"

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