Monday, February 4, 2008


"I'm not in danger just because I'm here tonight."

I discovered the beautiful Diana Anaid via Amie Street, and though I'm still digging into her CD the two tracks I've fallen for deserve to be heard. Diana Anaid's sound is a bit rougher and angrier than my usual fare, with guitars raging and her lyrics filled with anger, without screaming or swearing her head off as many do. Her protagonists may not make the best choices, but they refuse to be told what to do, a qulity I like in the lyrics.

Diana Anaid - Dumb Opinion (Sendspace link) Album: Beautiful Obscene

This song, which I've been addicted to for the past week or so, has Anaid dealing with the fallout of her new relationship and people worrying too much about her safety. One can't help but wonder if she's blinding herself to the person's flaws out of rebellion and pride, and that actually adds a bit of shading to the song. Have you ever done the wrong thing despite knowing exactly what you were doing, or done it merely because it was wrong? Thjis is the vibe I get from this song.

Diana Anaid - Last Thing (Sendspace)
Album: Beautiful Obscene

"It is my mistake, and no-one's business," Anaid sings, almost like a complete sequel to 'Dumb Opinion'. Her voice has a totally different quality here, beautiful and mourning, with the chorus showing that she has indeed learning from her mistakes and that she needs someone who won't 'bring [her] down', while struggling to deal with and end things without hurting her partner or herself. This seems almost like a self-apology for crimes against her unknowing self, as well as to her romantic partner.

Diana Anaid - Beautiful Obscene (Sendspace link) Album: Beautiful Obscene

Anaid has a different take on acceptance of one's mistakes here, telling us, "give me a wish and I'd do it all again", refusing to regret her mistakes that have made her who she is now. There's a hint of self-deprecation, quite a bit of sadness, and maybe a bit of maturity that she didn't have in 'Dumb Opinion'. There's a degree of heartbreak here, too.

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Kara said...

Meh, like Sheryl Crow but sans much of a discernible personality.

Diana Anaid said...

Thankyou for finding the music and for sharing it with people, you rock!