Thursday, February 21, 2008

TOP 100 SONGS OF 2007: 11-20

Almost 2 months late, but we're finally getting to the gold at the end of the rainbow. This is where you'll begin finding the songs I expect to be listening to for years to come. This is were repetition starts to come in, as the truly exceptional albums all have 5-6 songs that deserve charting high. You'll see The pierces, Dragonette and Arcade Fire duplicate within this entry alone! But let that not sway you, as they are all utterly soulbreaking songs.

20. The Pierces - Sticks & Stones (Sendspace)
Album: Thirteen Tales of Love and Revenge

An eery, creepy and greatly fun song as the girls take on the guise of witches as they tease a fearful, and have much too much fun doing it. Whether they're actual witches or just pretending to be for the sake of a prank, it's still excellent. The girls' unique harmony works especially well here, giving it a bizarre mystic feel.

19. Patrick Park - Pawn Song (Sendspace)
Album: Everyone's In Everyone

A rousing anti-war song, Park shows his cool rage and disappointment toward anyone 'thinking there's peace at the end of a gun'. He looks on soldiers and revolutionaries both as pawns in the war between leaders to scared to do anything themselves. Park's voice here is tight, pain-filled but determined to make a change, much like his song.

18. Beirut - Cliquot (Sendspace)
Album: The Flying Club Cup

While Beirut is often beautiful, finding connections with their music is often hit or miss for me. However, "Cliquot" is one of the best exceptions I could find, wrapping itself in my soul and tugging it high into the sky. The vocals are stricken, with the rhythms behind it recalling a time long, long ago as it tells the story of a dying man and his love living on without him. Truly epic and gorgeous.

17. Arcade Fire - Keep the Car Running (Sendspace)
Album: Neon Bible

This song can be summed up in one word: exciting. Everything within me seems to race forward listening to it, and I'm grinning the entire way. It's just a song that makes you happy, even if the lyrics don't hint to much joy in the situation. Produced differently, this song could've been far too heavy, but the tack Arcade Fire have taken with it here makes it one of the most enjoyable tracks on the album.

16. Dragonette - True Believer (Sendspace)
Album: Galore

Of all the songs on Dragonette's shamelessly sexy album, this might be the most interesting, coming from the typical Dragonette protagonist with a twist - she's been 'saved', though with love instead of religion. A former bad girl with a string of one-time beaus, she's almost ashamed to be involved in an actual relationship, and you can see that she's loving it despite feeling as if she's losing something in the deal. In a quieter part, she even admits insecurity, wondering if she's just "the new girl curled round your finger", then soon after yells, "It's you who's done this thing to me; I used to be so bad!". There's a lot of complexity here, much more than the typical Dragonette song, and I love it.

15. The Pierces - Secret (Sendspace)
Album: Thirteen Tales of Love and Revenge

The most overtly-threatening song of the bunch, this is a song about the dangers of entrusting your deepest secrets to anyone else, throwing out the tagline, "Two can keep a secret if one of them is dead". The two have made a darkly beautiful song, and when the spoken dialogue comes in the middle, it seems like a natural part in the song that leads into its climax perfectly.

14. Scala & Kolacny Brothers - The Beautiful People (Marilyn Manson cover) (Sendspace)
Album: One-Winged Angel

I'm definitely no fan of Marylin Manson. While I recognise the skill with which he constructs his songs, his style is my antithesis. That said, taking the angelic vocals of Scala and applying them to this vicious attack on capitalism is a brilliant move, as they bring a new dimension to the song with the choral, female tone. It sends shivers down your spine, to hear this coming from a group such as Scala.

13. Arcade Fire - Intervention (Sendspace)
Album: Neon Bible

A truly epic song, showcasing church-style organs to skyrocket the song into the stratosphere while vocalist Win Butler tells a story of poverty and family in his distinctive way. It's soaring, pulling you in and dragging you up and throwing you into a free fall toward the sky. The pain and desperation in Butler's voice is compelling, and this is a song that practically hurts to listen to. And yet, every time, I feel the need to charge the volume so high I'll be deaf by 25. Best lyrics: "Singing hallelujah with the fear in your heart."

12. Dragonette – The Boys (Calvin Harris cover) (Sendspace)
Album: Single

A new take on Calvin Harris' 'The Girls', this song reverses the gender role and, even better, rearranges some parts. For example, the segue from the first part to the second always amuses me. This is the perfect song for Dragonette to take on, actually, as is follows the themes of joyful promiscuity from Galore while also being a fun counterpoint to Harris' version.

11. Spoon - The Underdog (Sendspace)
Album: Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga

If exciting summed up 'Keep the Car Running', then 'fun' sums up this one. I love the message not to underestimate the underdog, because they always do spoil your plans. This tearing down of the self-superior and stuck up is great for the everyman who has to live in this world, getting stepped on in turn by all those above him. A song that will not be forgotten. "You've got no fear of the underdog; that's why you will not survive." Hell yeah.

If you enjoy these songs, I really think you should check out their albums! If a song's up this high, the album they're on is probably pretty damn exceptional.


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