Thursday, February 7, 2008


"If she is not the truth, I'll take the lie."

The Damnwells are a great indie rock band from New York, who I've been following a little courtesy of their biggest music blogger fan, I AM FUEL, YOU ARE FRIENDS, a blog I occasionally visit. Their lyrics are often amusing, their tone wistful romantic but very down-to-earth. I've only tracked down few of their songs, but I've enjoyed every one.

The Damnwells - You Don't Have to Like Me to Love Me (Tonight) (Sendspace link)
Album: Air Stereo

This rather low key invitation to a worn down object of affection is a favourite, with the vocals keeping it very down-to-earth while the music in the back occasionally rocks out. The message is cocky, but there's something caring about the song, with the protagonist promising to 'take good care of you', and even a little pleading in what seems originally to be a song full of confidence.

(Unfortunately, I could only find the acoustic version of this to upload, which isn't my favourite. It's nice in its own way, though.)

The Damnwells - I Am a Leaver (Sendspace link)
The Damnwells - I Am a Leaver (alternate stripped version) (Sendspace link)
Album: Air Stereo (original), demo (alternate)

The alternate stripped version of this song is where I fell in love with these guys, long before I discovered their other material. The original rocks quite a bit, but the original is full of soul and pain in the vocals, something I really loved. Still trying to figure out what the lyrics mean, though.

The Damnwells - She's the New York City Skyline (Sendspace link)
Album: Myspace

A mysterious tribute to an elusive figure, The Damnwells' latest tune may very well be their best. Rolling along, feeling a lot more personal than the others, this is a confession without a crime, a confession of love long gone. The lyrics are enigmatic, hiding but hinting at the truth. Small details ("She never signed her paintings with her name") and big moments ("She surrendered 'I love you's with bitter shame") are side by side here, along with a plethora of metaphors (even in the title) that, once properly added up, will finally tell you something about this hidden love.

If you wanna purchase one of their albums, try here, here or here.


Kara said...

Sweet and melodic, I like this a lot. Thanks brotherthing!

The Alden said...

:) Glad you like it!