Saturday, December 22, 2007


"If we built an armour for our tender bodies, could we love each other? Would we strive to feel?"

How does one describe The Pierces properly? Devilish pop, I'd say is the best term for it, with their voices working as a chorus of two that gives them a sound no other artist out there seems to have. Their lyrics are biting and witty, or alternately beautiful and thought-provoking. These two sisters from Alabama are my MVPs of the music scene in 2007, with their frankly amazing CD, Thirteen Tales of Love and Revenge.

Indeed, the title is an apt one, as most of the songs have elements of both. Love and heartbreak, sadness and anger, they shift and weave so tightly you wonder whether they are different emotions at all. The thirteen songs are, with only one or two exceptions, all not only good but among my favourite songs of the year, if not rising to the eternal heights good music reaches with time.

Thirteen Tales is their third album, but I would actually encourage anyone to start with it. It's their best by a shocking distance, though their previous albums are alright. It's rare that an album where 80% of the songs are near-perfect, so I'm happy they fond their footing with this latest offering.

The Pierces - Three Wishes (Sendspace link)
This song is beautiful, with the duo being both chilling and beautiful in a song about what one would do with 'three wishes'. Instead of saccharine wish-fulfilment, this is a warning akin to 'be careful what you wish for'. The preamble sets the tone, asking potent questions about vulnerability, before t plunges into the core of the song. It presents fantastic journeys through air and sea, but teases that the last wish is for 'if your lover ever takes her love away', but refuses to elaborate whether that means regaining her love, getting over her.... or revenge.

The Pierces - Sticks and Stones (Sendspace link)
A seductive, creepy song from a pair of witchy femme fatales, with a perfect atmosphere that gets under your skin and makes you wonder whether they are, in fact, witches ready to 'suck your blood', as the poor unsettled fellow and subject of this song is afraid of. Their style works perfectly here, with the otherworldly feel of two voices for one POV working to their favour.

The Pierces - Boring (Sendspace link)
A song about living with too much money and adventure, this song pokes a little fun at starlets like Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan while spinning a story about the destructive nature of wealth. When you can get anything you want, after all, does anything carry any real allure? Everything soon becomes so commonplace tat even 'the love of [your] life' becomes, as the song says, boring.

I'd continue, but if I did so I'd just go ahead and post the whole album, because every song is excellent (except for the dud Go to Heaven). Plus, I'll need something left to showcase when my Top 10 Albums of 2007 post goes up, which (SPOILER!) these girls will surely be on, if not topping.

Trust me. Get this CD, or you may regret it. All I can do is endlessly count the days 'til their eventual follow-up.


Roon said...

I've loved them from the get-go when I heard the Way, way back in 2000. I think it took me two more years to find their first album in this country though. Thank goodness for for the other two.

Have you heard the pre-album versions of Boring, Lies and Lights on?

The Alden said...

Oooh, wow, 2 years? You are one patient gal! As for the pre-album versions, no, but I would love to. Know of here I could listen/acquire them? :)