Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Hey, guys. I haven't felt too bloggy lately, even on the one-month anniversary last week, but I guess it's the Christmas business keeping me away. Look, ideally, for a Kate Havnevik showcase later on, the one I planned to write yesterday but ended up skipping out on.

For now, I'll give you guys a roulette. Simple, easy, varied and hopefully just as quality (in music if not in writing) as a Showcase or Playlist.

The Dismemberment Plan - Crush (Jennifer Paige cover) (Sendspace link)
Lights - February Air (Sendspace link)
Sufjan Stevens - Sister Winter (Sendspace link)
A Fine Frenzy - Let It Snow (Sendspace link)
Ron Sexsmith - Maybe This Christmas (Sendspace link)
The Sunshine Underground - Borders (Sendspace link)

Some Christmas- and winter-related songs to fit thematically with the time of year, plus a cover I find awfully amusing and a song from a band I really like.

And as always, if you like the artists, feel free to check them out elsewhere. And enjoy!


XandMatt said...

Hey Alden, a bad I've recently found myself enjoying is New Young Pony Club. You might like them, I'm not sure - or you may have heard of them.

...damn I like Jenny Lewis' voice....

Karalalala said...

It is 6:42 and I do not want to go to WORK. HELP ME BOBBY HELP ME!!!!

Help help!

The Alden said...

Xand, awesome. Will check them out. And I'm in love with Jenny Lewis too - let's not let Lee near her! ;)

Kara - Please go to work, so that you can make money and buy me presents. And, you know, bring home deliciousness for Christmas.

Remember, you love your job!

Anonymous said...

Could you please re-up Lights - "February Air"? I'd appreciate it, thanks!