Sunday, December 2, 2007


I'm still finding myself and the spirit of this blog, so you may have noticed some unexpected gaps in my postings. I don't expect my old post-a-day style will stick, but I'm hoping 2-3 times a week minimum will help keep you around. :)

That said, as it's Christmas, it's time for some early presents. And this time I bring: covers! One of my favourite aspects of the musical community, covers are a chance to re-interpret and reconnect with old favourites or the former despised. It's newness and oldness and everything in between.

Tegan and Sara - When You Were Mine (Prince cover) (Sendspace link)
I love this song, though I'm not so much a fan of its original artist. It just makes me happy, and though I'm not sure why, I don't question it. It doesn't feel very polished, but somehow that just adds to its charm.

Keane - Dinner at Eight (Rufus Wainwright cover) (Sendspace link)
This song, written by Rufus Wainwright about his contentious relationship with his famous father Louden Wainwright III, is just a powerful piece of music. I want to say that another artist, especially an artist like Keane who I sometimes lump with bland Brit bands that live on the 'net in multitudes, covering this song is an abomination. However, then I remember that I often undervalue Keane (tarnished by its association in my mind with the often-atrocious Coldplay and my own overlistening), and that while this rendition isn't quite as lovely as Rufus' original, it's an impressive cover and the song that drew me to the original in the first place.

Final Fantasy - Cliquot (Beirut cover) (Sendspace link)
Played before Cliquot was officially released on The Flying Club Cup, this is a lower-key, more melancholy affair with less of the drama of the original. I love the lead singer's voice, and it fits the song very well, giving this cover its worthy spot alongside the original. This version is, sadly, a little fuzzy, but that is hardly noticeable after a couple listens.

Sun Yan Zi - Silent All These Years (Tori Amos cover) (Sendspace link)
This cover is gorgeous, with the piano bobbing alongside it and Sun Yan Zi's beautiful voice pushing it along. There's something more stylised about it, and her accent is enchanting. Just as Tor bettered the original of 'She's Leaving Home', I'm wondering whether I can mark Sun's cover better than Tori's original.

Though these may not be mindblowing at first, give them a chance to work out under your skin. They'll get a hold in and never let you go.

If you like the artists, check them out elsewhere!