Wednesday, September 10, 2008


So, last November I got bored. Real bored. Or perhaps I got real busy, and needed to unwind. For some reason, I tapped into my soul and sold it to Google; I made a music blog. And in two months, it'll be The Bringer of Song's first birthday, and I'm considering a few options by way of celebration. One recently made suggestion, by a certain relative of mine, was that I find some way to give you, or a few lucky yous, some presents; that is the nature of a music blog after all.

I am a poor university student, so I can't go around buying gold-gilded thrones and unicorns for you folks. Plus, those aren't very musically oriented. However, I'm hoping to be able to arrange something. As an aside, if you're an artist, or manage an artist, or your cousin's best friend's wife is friends with a member of a band I (might) like, let me know. Wink wink.

ETA Sept 12, 2008: Don't worry about this little issue. Let me just say that I'm fully prepared for November's celebration, thanks to some generous donations.

Andrew Bird - The Happy Birthday Song (The Mysterious Production of Eggs, 2005)

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