Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Hey, guys.

Sorry for the lack of posts; my computer's internet is dead and that means no uploady. Updating from my sisters Mac at the moment.

Since my last update, Amanda Palmer released Who Killed Amanda Palmer and I ordered it - and am getting a signed copy! Signed personally by that crazy but loveable Amanda Palmer. Hell yeah! In other news, though, it's looking like The Dresden Dolls are either in indefinite hiatus or kaput, depending on what mood you catch Brian Viglione in. Honestly, though I'm so sad I kinda feel like weeping manly tears, maybe this is a good thing for both of them. They'll get away from each other long enough to miss each other, do amazing solo work (maybe even a Viggy solo album?), then get back together in a few years' time and produce an album so great the world will fall on its knees and cry like little babies. (... I hope)

In honour of all this news coming out of Dresden, a song from a pretty fucking amazing album coming right up...

Amanda Palmer - Blake Says [Who Killed Amanda Palmer, 20o8)

Also, once my net is all fixed up I have a couple of big announcements, including one regarding tBoS' big first-anniversary plans. Until then, though, stay awesome.

And don't forget, search for more at The Hype Machine; purchase albums or mp3's at Amazon, Amazon Canada, Amie St., cdbaby, or Insound.

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