Thursday, August 14, 2008


"My mind races with all my longings, but can't keep up with what I've got."

Bloc Party - This Modern Love [Silent Alarm, 2005]

I've been enamoured of this song since it was used perfectly to the heartbreaking end of the first season finale of "How I Met Your Mother". I love the upbeat-yet-downbeat feel of the song, and the fact that the singer sounds often like he's singing into an intercom. Jump left!

Boney M -Bahama Mama [Oceans of Fantasy; 1979]

I've been a fan of Boney M's since I first heard the riotous "Rasputin", and their signature style is used to perfection here. A story of a 'bahama mama' in desperate need for husbands for her six beautiful, rich daughters that plays like a virtual ad for moronic bachelors. It's very endearing, with its 80's sound, horns and group singing.

Bright Eyes - Road to Joy [I'm Wide Awake It's Morning, 2005]

Based musically on the very famous 'Ode to Joy', this Bright Eyes piece will always be ingrained in my mind from its memorable placement in the "Heroes" pilot, wherein drug user Isaac is discovered to have overdosed. After that scene I looked out for this song, and found that I actually liked it beyond background music when I did. A great, sometimes self-deprecating, character piece, whether about Conor Oberst himself or a creation.

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