Tuesday, August 5, 2008


A man destined to hang can never drown...

While I work on the next installment of Special Guest Starring, here's some songs you may enjoy...

Calexico - Two Silver Trees
Album: Carried to Dust, 2008

The lead single for Calexico's upcoming album, Carried to Dust, is exactly what you'd want from them. A misty, dusty, beautiful piece of music full of voices coming from the shadows. Can't wait to get my hands on the album.

Regina Spektor - Daniel Cowman
Album: Songs, 2002

In a style familiar to Regina Spektor fans, this is an unsettling song haunted by ideas of mortality and fate. With Spektor playing a mourning piano in the background, an imaginary protagonist named Daniel Cowman struggling with his existence, fate, and eventual death. Every song Spektor produces has the feel of a dream, and that is in full force here, the song being populated with bizarre anecdotes about gin and drowning in bathtubs.

Aviary Ghost - Somewhere Else
Album: Memory is a Hallway, 2008

From the band's self-released second album, Memory is a Hallway, this is a recent discovery. A glittery, charming piece of work, though it does feel a bit rough and underproduced, forcing the vocals and music to work against each other instead of mesh properly. That said, I believe that with a bit of work they could be another great band.

Mark Snow, Pete Anthony & The Hollywood Studio Symphony - March And Dig/Girl In The Box
Album: X-Files: I Want to Believe OST

I'm not a fan of the X-Files like some friends, though that's moreso because I was too young to enjoy it when it started. However on their recommendation I decided to check out the score for the just-released second movie, and it's, well, amazing. Shivering, creepy, full of hidden niches and subtle sounds, yet also quite beautiful. On first listen, this piece in particular stood out.

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