Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Haven't felt up to blogging much as of late, despite that lovely concert review I wanted to do. It's getting further and further back, but I do still have my notes and my memories... Anyhow, a roulette of some recent songs I've been listening to...

The Pale Young Gentlemen - Clap Your Hands

I've been getting these indie/rock playlists, and this song was one of them. A reeling, old-sounding song about dancing and the escape from one's problems it brings. Very enjoyable.

Forest City Lovers - Monsters

A lovely, soft song with pretty vocals. I'm new to the Forest City Lovers, but I'm becoming a fan.

Meg & Dia - Monster

There's something about these harmonising pairs that just hit me in the right way. Electric guitars with simple female vocals, giving a great sense of paranoia to the lyrics - especially when the guitars fall away, leaving the scared, worried vocals on their own.

Islands - Creeper

I will admit, I first got hooked on this song because the slang term 'creeper' (for, obviously, a creepy person) has been making the rounds in my group of friends and it amused me. However, I've begun to really enjoy the song, as it has a great sound. It's a genuinely creepy song about being ambushed upon coming home by a 'creeper' with a knife, and despite that creepiness has a really cool beat to it.

Damien Rice - Rat Within the Grain

Though I was a bit hard on Damien Rice once he and Lisa Hannigan split, I'm coming back around on him. Actually, while I once declared O to be the far superior album, I find myself becoming more and more bored by the long, artsy songs on it and instead enjoy the angrier, tighter work on 9, despite a lack of Lisa. After finding an excellent set of live recordings of him, I took a look around and found this wonderful "9 Crimes" b-side. It's short, bitter and self-deprecating; that is, Damien at his best.

Laura Marling - New Romantic

I didn't get the appeal of this song when my cousin Marelly declared it amazing, but recently I've come around to it. Really, it's the kind of honest confessional style I love, and despite the protagonist's dilemma of whether to leave her guy (whom she convinced to break up with his girlfriend to be with her), you feel how confused and pissed off at herself she is here. She attempts to swear off love altogether, but finds herself wavering in the face of this 'new romantic way'.

Also, while you're here, check out the two excellent demos Lily Allen has thrown up on her MySpace. "I Don't Know" in particular has major potential to be a new favourite.


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Kara said...

I love that Laura Marling song. Although I think it needs the video for its full emotional impact. Thanks for the roulette!