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Just got my hands on the new Heroes Season One soundtrack, and while I haven't given it an intense listen over, I am very happy about one thing: A new Imogen Heap tune! As well as a new Death Cab For Cutie one. Plus, for anyone who hasn't grabbed the new Panic at the Disco album (or read my post below where I dropped this same mp3), their new single "Nine in the Afternoon" is included as well.

Imogen's tune, "Not Now But Soon", follows the pattern of her compilation work being better than her album work, and I'm happy to hear it. It's got heavy synth work, and is very electronic a little Frou Frou-y, in fact. It doesn't compare to the best of her work, like Narnia's magnificent "Can't Take It In" or Plague Songs' "Glittering Clouds", but its a worthy addition to her discography, and I suspect it will grow on me s many others have.

In addition to this, the album includes Death Cab For Cutie's "Jealousy Rides With Me", The New Pornographers' "All For Swinging You Around", David Bowie's iconic "Heroes" (of course), and some surprisingly fantastic work from the series score creators Wendy Melvoin and Lisa Coleman, better known as Wendy and Lisa. The music of Heroes is sometimes noticeable while watching, but usually it slips under your skin and enhances the scenes. We don't get a huge taste of it here, as three of the four that bear their name - the series' theme, "Natural Selection", and "Homecoming" - are painfully short, leaving their only lengthy contribution here a collaboration with vocals by Shankar (an Indian vocalist and violinist who also goes by Shenkar), entitled "Fire and Regeneration". What I believe is choral work run through synths has a great effect on "Fire and Regeneration", though, building beautifully through the song and making it very deserving of its spot on this album. I hope we get to hear more of this score in future releases. Also, Sheila Chandra's inclusion, "ABoneCroneDrone 3 ", is also exceptional.

Imogen Heap - Not Now But Soon
Wendy and Lisa ft. Shankar - Fire and Regeneration

BUY: Haven't found a good online source for this, sadly enough, but look around hard enough and you'll get your hands on it. It should show up at NBC's web store sometime soon, though.


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I love Imogen and DCfC, but I don't really wanna buy the whole soundtrack just to enjoy 2 songs, lol. Heroes is a really awesome series, just that the music in it isn't really exciting~