Tuesday, April 8, 2008


So here's the thing. This past week, I've been hit with a sudden case of intertia. It's like writer's block... for all of life. It sucks muchly, especially as I've got some great posts in the pipeline waiting to be written for you guys.

Dragonette @ The Phoenix, April 3 2008

This is probably embarrassing for any music blogger, but I will admit to you guys that, before last week, I had never been to a live concert. That changed with seeing Dragonette last Thursday at the Phoenix at Toronto. A full post on that upcoming, though I lack a camera so no pics of the actual event.

Dragonette - Magic Fantastic

New CDs!

So, I listen to a lot of music, so acquiring new music isn't a big deal - except when I buy the physical CD. In this mp3 age, it's nice to own some CDs, and I've come into a few as of late. First off, what arrived today was my lovely Die Romantik CD, Narcissist's Waltz, a very highly anticipated one for me as the tracks I came across previously were some of 2007's best. It's too bad the band has disbanded, as they were my pick for Best Newcomer of 2007 (despite, as I recent;y found out, having played for five years unnoticed previously).

Next off, at the Dragonette concert I bought the CDs of both their support bands: Sweet Thing (Sweet Thing) and Fritz Helder and the Phantoms (Greatest Hits). Both bands impressed me, and neither was too expensive, which makes me happy. And lastly, I got my hands on a review copy of Andy Hunter's Colour, which I'll also be popping out a review for in the near future.

I should also be getting a My Latest Novel single ("When We Were Wolves") soon, bought used off Amazon purely for the b-side, which I believe is a Beach Boys cover. So completely worth it.

Die Romantik - Another Round (Live on Fair Game from PRI with Faith Salie)
Andy Hunter feat. Shaz Sparks - Shine
Sweet Thing - Down to the Ground
Fritz Helder and the Phantoms - You Ain't Vogue
My Latest Novel - Hopelessly Endlessly (demo)

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Hey Can You post the album greatest hits from fritz helder and the phantoms!!!!Please!!!!Or Send It Me Please!!!emcx@live.com.mx