Thursday, November 27, 2008


"I don't believe we can believe anymore..."

A song from Norwegian electro-pop band Briskeby, this is the one song from their discography that haunts me long after I moved on to other artists. It's beautiful, hazy, and cutting, as it tears apart the building superficiality of society. The above line is the core of the song, a reaction to the shallowness of the cult of 'beauty' and the advancing of so-called 'progress', while losing anything deep or real about our lives.

Wonderful stuff, worthy of recognition.

Briskeby - The Asphalt Beach [Jeans For Onassis, 2001]

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Vinny said...

Ah, easily one of the best Briskeby songs. However, I'd give a listen to 'Bobby, Come Back' and 'Ocean Drive', if you haven't. Two pretty neat tracks in their discography.

rickdog said...

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Matthew said...

I'd say listen to anything by them. But I'm biased.

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