Saturday, November 15, 2008


The Bringer of Song is now one year old!

In the past year, I've posted 126 times, shared at least twice that many songs, and oftentimes got comments that proved your gratitude. I've been picked up by Hype Machine, I've seen my daily hits go from 20-somethings to 200+ a day. I've been in contact with actual bands, as well as promoters, agents, managers. I've had an amazing time.

I have to say, I'm extremely pleased and a little shocked this little blog has made it so far. I love this blog as much, if not more, than I did when just starting out, which is shocking because I never would have pegged me to commit to something for this long. Usually it's six months then split.... which means this blog really is something very special to me.

The ability to share music with the rest of the world, to help others find something they can listen to, and just an outlet for my unending opinions, this blog has been such a boon to my mental stability. Just being able to say what I want, no apologies and all support, has made this year really, really great.

I wanna thank all the artists who have sent me music, even those whose tunes I haven't yet had time to listen properly to; The Hype Machine for putting this little blog on the map, my family, a few of whom are regular readers of this blog (and one of whom a contributor), and you guys. It's because of you, and the fact that I'm actually helping people find music they like, that this was possible in the first place. I hope you've enjoyed what I've shared so far, and that you continue to for many years to come!

Also, I want to that all those who participated in the contest, including our three winners Gincss, John, and fellow blogger The Impressionable Youth (of The Impressionable Youth). You'll each be getting an email from me soon, and your prizes should be shipped off (hopefully) within a week.

The Smiths - Unhappy Birthday

I liked this song as a child, before I bothered listening to lyrics. Now, though, I still love it. Is it odd that such a generally happy person loved such a miserable song? I'll be back with more music within the next few days, when I'm home where all my music is.

Thanks again to everyone who participated! And hurrah!

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Wendy77 said...

Wewt! You didn't quit at something! :P Haha but seriously congrats, I know you love doing it and that's what matters.