Saturday, June 28, 2008


Following up from yesterday's repeat-fest, I figured it was time for a Roulette to share what I've been listening to as of late with you guys.

1. Billie The Vision & The Dancers - A Man Fom Argentina
Album: The World According to Pablo (2005)

An exceedingly bittersweet song from the perspective of a guy who longs for what his friend has, a man from Argentina who makes her 'the happiest girl in the world'. It's simply played, and just plain charming.

2. Why? - Fatalist Palmistry
Album: Alopecia (2008)

How can I not love a song about psychics who hide their palms so nobody can read them, discussion of ways to sleep and mummies, and the use of the phrase 'coffin rehearsal'? Why? has been just below my radar for a while despite sitting on my iPod for ages, and it's a shame because their CD, Alopecia, is quite excellent. This song just makes me smile, with its quirky-yet-expressive lyrics and half-deadpan tone with layers of music behind it.

3. Los Campesinos - You! Me! Dancing!
Album: Hold On Now, Youngster... (2008)

This song makes me ridiculously happy. I can't listen to this song and frown, and that's pretty much the best way I can describe it. Listen. Grin. Get more Los Campesinos.

4. Aaron Thomas - Aw C'mon
Album: Follow the Elephants (2008)

There's something very caustic about Aaron Thomas' "Aw C'Mon", the standout track from his album Follow the Elephants. I love the simplicity of the loping, looping guitar music and the multitude of expressive metaphors, as well as the swaggering, almost teasing quality of the vocals.

5. Radiohead - Sulk
Album: The Bends (1995)

There's something oddly magnificent about this song, especially the title lyric: "Sometimes you sulk, sometimes you burn". Radiohead's music has begun to enchant me, with its obscure lyrics and deep, layered sound.

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