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TOP 100 SONGS 0F 2007: 51-60

And we're on the cusp of the latter half of the best of 2007, getting to the juicy stuff...

60. Arcade Fire - My Body is a Cage (Sendspace link)
Album: Neon Bible

A quiet, mournful song with the organ, quickly becoming an Arcade Fire trademark, playing in the background. The song grows in intensity gradually, finally blasting to life in the last half of the song. The best work here, though, is the lyrics, pathetic, mournful and intriguing, describing the inability to dance with 'the one I love' with the titular metaphor. Metaphors actually get some nice airtime here, making up the bulk of the lyrics of the song.

59. Mika - Relax, Take It Easy (Sendspace link)
Album: Life in Cartoon Motion

Mika's first single before 'Grace Kelly' exploded, it's more low-tune and often more palatable than his more colourful fare. The sound is quite interesting, layers of low beats behind the tale of fear and paranoia set out in the lyrics. Mika's on vocal good form here, instead of the sometimes-grating effect his other songs have. Even with this darker song, there's a great beat under the song that allows you to move to it.

58. Róisín Murphy - Overpowered (Sendspace link)
Album: Overpowered

The best of the same-titled album, this song about the mechanics of love has very interesting lyrics. Murphy doesn't shrink from using larger words. In fact, considering the purpose of this song (science's attempts to explain the concept of love) they fit in perfectly, and it's an interesting lyrical choice. Beyond that, though, it's a well-crafted song with a great beat to it.

57. Rilo Kiley - Close Call (Sendspace link)
Album: Under the Blacklight

Under the Blacklight was a disappointment. I can only preface this with mentioning that, as Rilo Kiley should be taking up multiple spots in my top 10, instead not even making it inside the top 50. It's not the most disappointing - I love Nellie McKay more, and Obligatory Villagers didn't even get one in the top 100. That said, this song, about the dangers of 'money for sex', isn't bad. Lyrics are enjoyable, and Jenny Lewis can rarely do wrong by me.

56. White Rabbits - While We Go Dancing (Sendspace link)
Album: Fort Nightly

Great beat, which belongs to a song about dancing. The lyrics translate the joy of dancing quite well, telling about dancing the night away instead of sleeping through it. Vocals are great, ranging from contempt for the one staying home showing clearly to enjoyment of the act. Because, it clearly asks, who would want to pass on having such a good time?

55. Sia - Buttons (Sendspace link)
Album: 'Buttons' single

I love Sia. Sadly, her album 'Some People Have Real Problems' didn't come out until 2008, but happily this single was released within the confines of 2007. It's a song about paranoia and being a little crazy, and while not Sia's best it's still damn catchy and her voice is still great.

54. Remi Nicole - Dates From Hell (Sendspace link)
Album: My Conscience & I

A favourite of mine from Lily Allen's 'Alright, Still' album last year was 'Knock'em Out', a song about avoiding being hit on by sleazebags. I've been theorising that Remi Nicole is like Allen's less spiteful but just as spunky cousin, and this is as close to a comparison as one can get. Nicole's song is less nasty and more of a lament for the state of men and dating, but it's just as charming, and that's all it needs.

53. Patrick Park - Life is a Song (Sendspace link)
Album: Everyone's in Everyone

The legendary OC-ender, Patrick Park's 'Life is a Song' is a nice tribute to life in general. While tearing down hypocrites who preach heaven and fear death, it reminds us that life is good, and death is inevitable, and that that's okay. Fear is the enemy here, as Park tells us to live in the moment instead of constantly attempting to live a risk-free existence that can't last forever anyway.

52. The Pierces - Ruin (Sendspace link)
Album: Thirteen Tales of love and Revenge

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, and while The Pierces' protagonist here shows an icy demeanour, her rage is evident in the lyrics, claiming that 'all I want is for you to come to ruin'. She doesn't cry to herself, instead wishing evil upon the one who has wronged her, and doing so beautifully.

51. Andrew Bird - Scythian Empires (Sendspace link)
Album: Armchair Apocrypha

A subtle anti-war song, focusing on long-lost empires that self-destructed under their own weight while dropping in brief mentions like 'Haliburton attache cases' that hint where his real message is directed. Regardless of that, this is a wonderfully-crafted song, building and building subtly throughout, gaining in momentum all throughout the song without building to a significant explosion. Not 'Apocrypha's best, but close, and it was a heartbreaker to drop it from the Top 50 in the end.


So, that's another set down as we approach the larger numbers... Remember, though, all of these songs are damn good. There's plenty of songs that didn't even make it into the top 100! :) That said, though, with the next set we enter the big leagues!

If you enjoy these songs, I urge you to check out their artists!

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