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"Illustrious his stories to the end, the people gathered around their effervescent friend."

My Latest Novel are a Scottish five-piece band. According to Wikipedia: "They augment the traditional rock line up of guitars, drums, bass and keyboards, with the use of violins, xylophones and undulating percussion, as well as multi-part vocals. Their musical style is notable for its contrasting melancholic and uplifting moods, the unusual use of the spoken word, and by surprising mid-song changes in tempo and atmosphere." Yep, that pretty much sums them up.

I stumbled upon My Latest Novel via, what else, a music blog some months ago. They hung around on my iPod for a while until I gave 'When We Were Wolves' and 'Pretty in a Panic' listens, and after 2-3 times I started to realise: I goddamn love this band!

I quickly grabbed their CD, 'Wolves', and have yet to find a song I dislike. They tend to grow on you, so that 2-3 months after first listening, you realise you've heard it a few times and you desperately wanna hear more. This has happened with every song on the CD excepting two, 'The Hope Edition' and 'Ghost in the Gutter', and I get the specific feeling that they're close to breaking out as well.

The songs I'm offering up today, hoping that you'll fall in love as I have and give their album a listen:

My Latest Novel - When We Were Wolves (Sendspace link)
The striking first song I heard from them, most likely grabbed because wolves are near and dear to my heart, is intriguing on first listen. The song starts with just the phrase 'when we were wolves' being repeated, almost feeling like a howl from human throat. It continues to pound forwards with a couple of phrases, and though the lyrics may seem repetitive, the style and feel of the song make that a strength rather than a weakness.

My Latest Novel - Pretty in a Panic (Sendspace link)
There's just something about this song. The music is beautiful, and I must profess I love the lead singer's voice. The lyrics are, as usual, pretty enigmatic, but that makes analysis all the more rewarding. To be honest, though I have trouble describing it, this is the song where I decided MLN was something pretty special.

My Latest Novel - The Reputation of Ross Francis (Sendspace link)
My latest one to 'click', this song, about a slick lawyer-type wheedling his way into heaven via elaborate lies, is a very enjoyable experience. His pleading in the chorus, the bouncing on the song, the choral feeling of the singing, makes it so. And when you reach the climax, you can't help but grin.

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These are only a small sample of their amazing CD, and their follow-up could be my most-anticipated release of a near future that should include Imogen Heap, The Postal Service, Alanis Morissette and Snow Patrol.

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